My Father

Staying. From left to right: Chaizisl Foigel (or Fogel or Foguel or Foiguel) Birman (My motherís sister);

Yoeil Lerner, brother in law of Perl Foigel Lerner. (Perl was also my motherís sister);

Isrul Lerner (husband of Perl Lerner);

Guitl Foigel Zokner (My mother; Today 92 years old)

Toibe Lerner, sister of Isrul Lerner;

Chaim Flom, son of Shefre Sudevitch Flom;

Donie Foigel Gelbart (My motherís sister. Diet in Israel);

Yacov Rabin, cousin of Shefre Sudevitch Flom.

Shloime Flom, son of Shefre Sudevitch Flom.

Sitting. From left to right

Chaim Zokner or Zukner, (My fatherís brother).

Berl Flom, the husband of Shefre Sudevitch Flom;

Shefre Sudevitch Flom the sister of both of my grandmothers: Neche Sudevitch Foigel and Tobe Golde Sudevitch Zokner

Neche Sudevitc Foigel, my motherís mother.

Tobe Golde Sudevitch Zokner or Zukner my motherís father;

Yossale Shnetza, ( the little boy) grandson of Tobe Golde Sudevitch Zokner and son of Pinhe or Pinhale Zokner Shnetza.

Etel Weiga (Neighbor)

Chaikale Weiga, daughter of Etel Weiga

Itale Foigel, the youngest sister of my mother.